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Market Analysis

Do you want to enter a new market? However, those who do not know how big their target group really is, which competitors there are or how the market will develop in the future, are hardly able to make meaningful decisions - and they are quickly faced with unforeseen problems. We will draw up market analysis, tailor made for you, through our own research and thanks to existing qualitative and quantitative networks, as well as in cooperation with local professional associations, specialist magazines, and the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the German Chamber of Commerce abroad.

Establishing Contacts

"There is no second chance to make a first impression!" - therefore let us make the first contact with potential customers and business partners. Taking into account the mentality, religious, linguistic and cultural background, we will choose and implement the right way to make contact. We can also take over the first stages of the negotiation for you and support you through the rest of the process. This will put the foundations in place and create the basis for your success in the new market!


Once you have 'gained a foothold' in a new market through our market analysis, and, after establishing contact,  set about the initial negotiations with potential customers and business  partners, we will support you with your presence on the ground. We will happily set up exhibits for you at trade fair visits, create company and product presentations for specialist conferences, carry out product training and accompany you on on-site factory visits. 


Very often, companies in new sales territories face the difficult task of obtaining the  certificates, inspection reports and approval documents that are necessary for entry into the market. We will help you overcome these market barriers. With many years of experience in this area, we can fall back on our good contacts in inspection bodies, certification and product approval.


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